The Student World

FPP's very own student brand is called The Student World. Launched in 2015, this fast growing brand
concentrates all FPP's communication with its student users across the globe.

FPP's Smart Events will help your institution connect with the right students, virtually and in-person. Enhanced by technology designed to boost your recruitment, and now more sustainable than ever before.

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What is The Student World

Many of you don’t know but inside FPP we have a dedicated team who work all year round on one mission: “Helping students all over the world to find educational opportunities abroad.” They are The Student World.

The Student World is turning into the go to place for all things study abroad related. The team of writers and creators work around the clock sharing news, tips, program launches, visa information and more.

Social Media reach

The Student world reaches over 3 million students around the world through
some of the most trending social media platforms.

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What about virtual events

All FPP solutions are branded under The Student World umbrella. Every virtual event organized by the company therefore benefits from TSW's presence and engagement with students around the world.

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