Hello. Hola.
Salut. 你好

More than a brand, we are a team of creators with a common mission.

We are on a mission to bond the world through innovative technology that cares, offering global events to reach and engage the right people.

Seek what’s new

It's about being curious.
We don't wait for the future to knock on our
door, we go out and create it.

Up until the result

Is our definition of done. We always do our
best and explore many ways to deliver
excellent outcomes.

Each and everyone

Is what matters to us. At the beginning and
end of everything we do there is a person to
be considered and cared for.

We care about our planet. For every virtual booth we host, FPP will donate a tree. Working in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, together we have planted over 7,000 trees.

We are made
of incredibles

Are you like us?

Join our team and work with us on bonding the world through international education.

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We innovate.
You see results.